From 1945 a reality at the service of local transport


Since 1945 Brusutti Srl is synonymous with quality, passion and seriousness. Leader in the transport passengers in the province of Venice, offers a wide range of services including many commercial buslines, coach hire, airport parking for Marco Polo airport and two info-ticket points in Venice, at the points of access to city.

Brusutti has always represented a reality at the service of the territory and its citizens.

From the foundation until today, three generations of the family have succeeded, ensuring the growth and consolidation of the company and transmitting the values and principles of the past.

Accurate investments and solid and lasting partnerships have always been synonymous with Brusutti, which thanks to the reliability and quality demonstrated over time has achieved considerable recognition from both the people and the territory, as evidenced by the “System tourism, transport excellence and best parking” awarded in 2016 by the Venetian Hoteliers Association.

The sponsorship of Reyer Basket is another confirmation of the objectives of social and cultural investment to promote the aggregation of the territory of metropolitan Venice