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Brusutti Srl, headquartered in Mestre Venezia, in Via Triestina, 181 / c 30173 Tessera - Venice (VE), is the company that currently guarantees public connections pubblici between the interior of the Belluno area and the Venetian area.

Why use your car, spend money and time to drive on the highway and on mountain roads, when you can take advantage of a fast, reliable, safe, fast and much less expensive transport service?

Our vehicles travel thousands of miles per year, crossing a territory with very different characteristics, meeting the needs of passengers who need to move between small towns and on the lines as between Venice and Falcade.

Brusutti, thanks to a quality offer, has set itself the ambitious target to manage, change and improve transport and to rediscover to the citizens of the Veneto the convenience of traveling on public transport.

Our bus fleet, our staff and our experience will be at your disposal.

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Biglietto andata e ritorno
Shuttle airport CANOVA DI TREVISO
Express connection, non-stop, from the Treviso Antonio Canova airport to the city of Venice and Mestre.

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Shuttle airport M. POLO DI VENEZIA
Connections from the airport to Venice, Mestre, Lido di Jesolo, Caorle and many other tourist destinations.

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